“Dorida” Reef

“Dorida” reef is a shallow, very easily accessible dive site in Oroklini, Larnaka which can be reached by boat within minutes from nearby locations. It is a site which enjoys pleasant environmental conditions almost all year round, with good visibility and low current activity. It can be utilised both by snorkellers and open water divers, although more experienced divers may also enjoy adding this site to their itinerary. This location includes a shallow, natural reef, making the dive of a circular nature where the deepest point does not surpass 12m. The majority of the dive can be comfortably carried out between 7-10m depth. Visitors to ‘Dorida’ can expect an interesting combination of sandy and rocky substrates on its benthos, as well as meadows of the Mediterranean endemic Posidoniaseagrass. The existence of these three substrates in close proximity alongside favourable conditions, allow and support the presence of a large array of marine organisms. ‘Dorida’ is home to sponge species such as the common black sponge but also the very attractive yellow/golden sponge. Small–sized species often found in this location include colourful fan worms, starfish and wrasses, marbled spinefoot rabbitfish, small white sea fans, combers, Mediterranean parrot fish, sea cucumbers, multiple sparidae species, various gobiids, damselfishin abundance, as well as scorpion fish and puffers being common. Also commonly found are octopuses and the invasive lionfish. Larger species found at “Dorida” include the dusky grouper and the greater amberjack.

Area: Larnaka bay

Access: Boat

Distance from shore: 600m

Coordinates: 34°57’55.2″N 33°40’35.6″E

Dive type: Natural reef, circular

Diving level: Open water | Snorkeling

Visibility: 30m

Water temperature: Up to 29°C in the Summer | Down to 16°C in the Winter

Maximum depth: 12m

Currents: Low

Difficulty level: Low

Scenery interest: 3/5

Marine Flora: 4/5

Marine Fauna: 3/5

General interest: 3/5