Elpida Wreck

The “Elpida” wreck (which is means ‘hope’ in Greek) is the latest addition to the must-see wreck diving destinations located in the Larnaka bay. It was purposely sunk in December 2019 to serve as an artificial reef and as a captivating diving spot. Elpida is a 63m-long cargo vessel from Greece. At a depth of 28m, this ship was modified specifically for diving activities, therefore, the cargo containers and all decks are fully accessible to divers. The main deck starts at 20 m while the masts start at a depth of 10m. In addition, divers can access the large container area of the ship, the engine room, the bridge where the captain used to navigate the ship as well as several decks for confined diving and wreck penetration.

Marine life on the deck of Elpida wreck is already starting to develop since its deployment in 2019. One of the first colonisers is the red sea squirt an alien species from the Red Sea. In addition, at the bottom of the wreck the diver can encounter octopuses. However, since Elpida is deployed within a Marine Protected Area (MPA) the diversity is constantly increasing with the presence of the invasive lionfish, damselfish, grey triggerfish, Mediterranean parrotfish, sea breams and wrasses. Furthermore, dusky groupers, greater amberjacks and bluespotted cornetfish can also be found. Invertebrates such as nudibranchs ad molluscs have also started to colonize the Elpida wreck.

Area: Larnaka bay

Access: Boat

Distance from shore: 2 km

Coordinates: 34°57’06.3″N, 33°41’05.6″E

Dive type: Wreck

Diving level: Advance Open Water

Visibility: 30m

Water temperature: 15-28 °C

Maximum depth: 28m

Currents: Low

Difficulty level: Medium

Scenery interest: 4/5

Marine Flora: 2/5

Marine Fauna: 3/5

General interest: 3/5