Larnaka Diving Routes

CYENS ITICA together with CMMI – Cyprus Marine & Maritime Institute supported by CYENS Thinker Maker Space are collaborating on the  “Virtual recreation and mapping a number of diving tours”  for Larnaka Tourism Board.

LEF1 Wreck

‘LEF1’ vessel was sunk in December 2019 together with ‘Elpida’ off the coast of Voroklini to create Larnaka’s new artificial reefs. The 15m-long wreck lies at shallow depths (~13m) making it ideal for non-experienced divers as well as for snorkellers. It’s close proximity to the shore makes it easily reachable by boat from multiple nearby locations and ports. It enjoys good environmental conditions with high visibility, low currents and comfortable temperatures throughout the year. Despite the fact that the wreck was only sunk less than 2 years ago, it has already started harbouring marine life and divers visiting the wreck can witness an array of different species including colourful wrasses, exotic lionfish, groups of amberjacks and even young groupers in the adjacent rocky reef.

Area: Oroklini

Access: Boat

Distance from shore: 2 km

Coordinates: 34°57’8.23″N 33°40’8.50″E

Dive type: Wreck (artificial reef) and adjacent natural reef

Diving level: Open water | Snorkelling

Visibility: 20-30m

Water temperature: Up to 28°C in the Summer | Down to 16°C in the Winter

Maximum depth: 13m

Currents: Low

Difficulty level: Low

Scenery interest: 3/5

Marine Flora: 2/5

Marine Fauna: 3/5

General interest: 3/5

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