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Ledra Palace - Dancing on a line

The Ledra Palace Museum project deals with the representation of difficult history in museums and investigates ways in which technology can help to overcome any obstacles this entails. Despite its decadence, the Ledra Palace Hotel remains a beautiful and interesting place with a history worth to be told. Our aim is, through an extensive archival research, as well as a layered collection of testimonials (interviews and crowdsourcing), to ‘revive’ the history of the Ledra Palace hotel in a more multivocal and multilayered way. We therefore proceeded, with the cooperation of the Leventis Municipal Museum of Nicosia to the organisation of the temporary exhibition Ledra Palace: Dancing on the Line. The exhibition contains both physical exhibits and technological applications which enable us to explore and discuss both the history of the hotel, and the history of our island.

Exhibition Duration: 01/06 – 31/10 2021
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