Post-doctoral Researcher / CCAPS MRG

Christos Ioannou

Dr. Ioannou graduated in 2010 as a Performer from the Prague Conservatory (DiS) and as an Educator and Instrumental Instructor ((BA, MA, [honours]from the Faculty of Education at Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic. A year later, he completed further postgraduate studies (MSc) in the field of Music, Mind and Brain (Neuropsychology of Music) at Goldsmiths, University of London (Department of Psychology). Finally, in 2015 he obtained his PhD in Neuroscience at the Centre for Systems Neuroscience, as a scientific collaborator at the Institute of Music Physiology and Musicians’ Medicine in Hannover, Germany. From 2015 until 2019 he worked at the same Institute as a postdoctoral researcher. In parallel, he was lecturing at the Hannover University of Music, Drama and Media and at the Center for Systems Neuroscience in Hannover. Currently he is continuing as a post-doctoral researcher at the Multidisciplinary Research Group of Cognitive and Clinical Applications of CYENS in Nicosia, Cyprus. His research has been funded by several national and European grants whereas findings of his projects have been published in various international scientific journals and books. The last years, Dr. Ioannou presented his work at several universities and numerous international conferences in the USA, Germany, Israel, Slovenia, Brazil, United Kingdom, Canada, Greece, Cyprus, Czech Republic and Azerbaijan. He is an active member and an honorary member of the German society and of the Czech Society of Music Physiology and Musicians’ Medicine respectively.Currently, his working among others on a project funded by the Cyprus Research and Innovation Foundation focusing on the development of a virtual reality-based interactive biofeedback mirror system able to prevent and treat chronic musculoskeletal pain in musicians. 



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