Research Associate

Maria Englezou

Maria is a Research Associate at the ITICA MRG at the CYENS Research Centre of Excellence. Maria holds a Diploma in Architectural Engineering from the University of Thessaly in Greece and a Master of Science in Sustainable Architecture from the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom. She also has a PhD from the Department of Architecture at the University of Cyprus. Her PhD thesis focused on natural lighting performance in healthcare facilities and, more specifically, investigating the visual and non-visual effects on patients’ comfort. During her undergraduate and postgraduate studies, she was awarded numerous academic performance scholarships. In 2021, she was named ‘Young Lighter 2021’ for presenting part of her research at the international competition ‘SLL Young Lighter’ organized by the Society of Light & Lighting, CIBSE (UK). Her research interests rely on sustainable architecture, visual comfort, biophilic design, health and well-being, and human factors in built environments. She is passionate about interdisciplinary research topics such as human behavior, emotions and experience of the built environment using virtual reality and wearable devices.


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