Research Associate

Styliana Gregoriou

Styliana Grigoriou

Architect Engineer B.Sc., M.Arch.Eng., is a postgraduate Ph.D. Student in the Department of Architecture at the University of Cyprus. Her research activities take an interdisciplinary view and focus on the areas of Energy and Environmental Design and Renovation of Buildings and Adaptable Building Envelope Design, Building Integrated Renewable Energy Sources (RES) and Energy & Environmental Awareness. Her research focuses on the investigation and environmental renovation of multi-storey buildings through the integration of lightweight plug-in adaptive envelopes. During her postgraduate and graduate studies, she has participated in several architectural design and fabrication workshops organized by the Cyprus Architects Association, the University of Cyprus and the Architectural Association School of Architecture. Her research work has been presented in multiple conferences and has been published in the Renewable Energy Journal by Elsevier. Currently she is the Principal Investigator of CYENSVERSE project of ITICA MRG at CYENS Centre of Excellence, exploring the potentials of Virtual Reality in non-accessible spaces like the Cyprus Buffer Zone.


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