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Now more than ever, Cyprus needs its researchers and innovators to bring the power of technology to bear on the lives of its residents. Inspired by the new “metaverse”, the objective of this project is to develop a virtual space that will provide room for people to socialize, learn, explore, collaborate and play regardless of location and despite boundaries, real or imagined.

CYENSverse attempts, with the application of Virtual Reality technologies, to become a place that encourages an open discussion for the future of Nicosia that would highlight its multicultural past. While the CYENSverse aspired to host multiple and varied events this project is focused on developing a first proof of concept about a part of the Nicosia Buffer Zone which was recognized by Europa Nostra in 2013 as one of the most endangered heritage sites in Europe because of its symbolic and historical significance, its authenticity and the cultural, social, and economic potential it represents.

Principle Investigator: Styliana Gregoriou (ITICA MRG-CYENS)
VR System Development: Fotos Frangoudes, Kalli Koulloufidou, Alexis Polydorou (ITICA MRG-CYENS)
Creative Direction: Stefanos Papadas, Alexia Achilleos (ITICA MRG-CYENS)
Project Management: Christodoula Gavriel (ITICA MRG-CYENS)
Historical Research: Antigone Heraclidou (Museum Lab-CYENS)
Data collection, Content Creation: Visual Voices
Photographic Content: Silversky3D
Museum Lab team leader: Theopisti Stylianou-Lambert
ITICA team leader and Project Coordinator: Kleanthis Neokleous

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