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TONE Project: Using musculo-postural biofeedback in virtual reality for pain management in musicians

Tone Project

Performing a musical instrument requires the coordination of repetitive motor patterns under sustained abnormal and unergonomically static postures and, as a result, exhibits one of the highest prevalence rates of work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WMSD). The aim of the TONE project is to develop an innovative tool to assist musicians in developing preventive and pain-management strategies against task-specific musculoskeletal pain. To achieve this, a virtual mirror biofeedback system will be developed in which muscular activities and postural parameters will be projected on a virtual character animated in real-time while musicians are executing their musical instruments. This system will be complemented by a VR game implementing attention distraction from pain during instrument playing. The effectiveness of the virtual mirror biofeedback tool in improving musculo-skeletal parameters during non-ergonomic postural activities will be assessed in a study with healthy musicians. In addition, the same system together with the VR game will be used in a rehabilitation program aiming to reduce perceived pain in pain-affected musicians. TONE is expected to contribute new research findings on the manifestation and treatment of pain in work-related musculoskeletal disorders, an issue that is not yet fully understood. 

Collaborator: UCY-Department of Psychology 

Funded by: Cyprus Research and Innovation Foundation (RIF)

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