‘Skopia’ dive route is an easily accessible coastal location situated in Xylofagou, Famagusta. Divers usually start from the shore but the location is also easily accessible by boat; since it is very close to the Xylofagou boat shelter to the West. This location is also in close proximity to ‘Cape Pyla’, to the East. The shallow nature of the route (1 – 18m depth), with a range of levels and entry points makes it ideal for non-experienced divers as well as snorkellers. Advanced divers may also enjoy a leisurely dive, just over the 18m mark surrounding the deepest points of the route. ‘Skopia’ enjoys good environmental conditions with very high visibility, is subject to low currents and comfortable temperatures throughout the year. The route is equipped with varying rock walls and crevices of different lengths and heights, as well as enticing geomorphological formations and patches of Posidonia seagrass meadows. In combination, the latter support a wide range of marine species from small nudibranchs, colourful tube-worms and fire-worms to the alien long-spined urchin, colourful starfishes as well as colonies of the Mediterranean endemic pillow coral. Many fish species such as wrasses, gobiids, sparids and scorpion fish, as well as more predatory species such as carangids, invasive and dusky groupers.

Area: Xylofagou

Access: From shore/beach

Distance from shore: 0 – 110m

Coordinates: 34°57’36.84″N 33°49’48.35″E

Dive type: Natural reef, wall, circular

Diving level: Open water | Advanced | Snorkelling

Visibility: 20-35m

Water temperature: Up to 29°C in the Summer | Down to 16°C in the Winter

Maximum depth: 18m

Currents: Low

Difficulty level: Low

Scenery interest: 4/5

Marine Flora: 3/5

Marine Fauna: 3/5

General interest: 3/5