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Floating through gardens: WADS and its states of potentiality

Evagoria (Eria) visited the digital garden of WADS – a virtual exhibition part of Ars Electronica’s Kepler’s Gardens featuring 21 Cypriot-based artists. She examines the exhibition as a prototype and testing ground for new sensory experiments as well as discussing ways to improve Cypriot cultural policy.

“When thinking of gardens, I cannot help but reminisce about the defining moments that bound me. My grandmother’s garden is filled with love and care, offering a meticulously curated selection of trees that my grandfather, a soft and sensitive gentleman, planted when each of his grandchildren was born. I think of gardens, I close my eyes for a moment and I remember holding the blossoms of lemon trees in my tiny hands as I looked up at my late grandfather smiling at me. The sun and soil animates all lifeforms much like philosophy animates concepts. It is in a similar way that gardens evoke ideas of growth, cross-pollination and present their previous or current adaptations of structures while being formed by the effects of their environment.”

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